Seniors Relocation and Real Estate Services in Delaware

As people age, they often become overly attached to their homes and even though there may be compelling reasons to find other living arrangements, these folks will go to extreme lengths to remain in their homes.

Notwithstanding the affection for their dwellings, there is oftentimes undeniable pressure for seniors to move out and into a different living arrangement. Consider the following:

Typically, the thought of giving up their residence, finding new accommodations, downsizing personal possessions and executing the move can seem overwhelming to many older people.

Perhaps another obstacle for many seniors, contemplating a move, is the lack of support or help from family members. In fact, some seniors have no children. For others, the children are living far away or are extremely busy with their jobs or their own families. And in some cases -- because people are living so long -- the children are elderly as well and find it difficult to help with the move.

This overwhelming pressure and stress relating to moving can often result in gridlock -- a failure to make any decision at all.

Because many elderly people in Delaware face such a daunting task with moving, a growing number of seniors relocation specialists are stepping forward to provide assistance. These individuals or companies provide or arrange for the following services:

And it isn't just the elderly person, contemplating a move, who is hiring these specialists. Active senior communities, independent living facilities, nursing homes and assisted living often retain a relocation specialist to provide advice and arrange services to help seniors with a move. Family members of seniors have also found it more convenient to hire a specialist to help their loved ones with relocation.

So who are these companies or individuals who provide seniors relocation and real estate services?

Seniors Real Estate Specialists
A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is a real estate agent who specializes in helping the elderly transition to a new location. The specialist has been trained to recognize the special needs of seniors and understand the various living arrangements available to older people. Most of these specialists concentrate on selling the property and do not directly provide relocation services but they will arrange for companies or individuals or advisors who can provide these other services.

Senior Move Managers
A Senior Move Manager is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers. These people often have a background in social work or case management and have experience working with the elderly. As such, they understand the needs and desires of seniors. Senior Move Managers can provide or arrange for any needed service such as counseling and advice, selling property, downsizing or relocating their clients.

Moving Companies
Many independent moving companies recognize the special needs of seniors and they will provide moving services, storage and other specialized programs for this unique group of customers. These companies will often work together with senior advisors and relocation specialists.

Specialists with Developers or Senior Communities
Active senior community developers, senior residences and care facilities have recognized that providing relocation services will help their clients or residents transition more quickly into the new living arrangements. This not only relieves the stress on the seniors but also results in less cost to the providers who might be holding open properties or rooms for a long period of time -- while receiving no income -- due to the difficulty of selling the old residence and relocating.

Professional Organizers
Professional organizers -- many of whom are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers -- have found a unique niche in helping people reduce clutter in their homes or provide a more efficient office or living environment. Because of extensive experience in reducing personal possessions, a professional organizer can be particularly useful in helping to downsize in anticipation of a move.

Professional or Geriatric Care Managers
Care managers help the elderly and their families deal with the issues of long term care. Most care managers also help people, needing long term care, to find appropriate living arrangements. A natural outgrowth of finding new accommodations has resulted in many care managers specializing in relocation services as part of what they do.

Delaware Senior Services

Senior Services for familiesOur council is dedicated to helping families in Delaware deal with the issues and challenges aging seniors face. We do this by offering a trusted listing source of eldercare and senior services in your area.

Some of these senior services include Care Management, Elder Law, Estate Planning, Funeral Planning, Home Care, Medicaid Planning, Placement, Reverse Mortgage, and help with Veterans Benefits.

Books on Medicaid, Eldercare, Veterans Benefits, and Long Term Care

Eldercare BooksThe Delaware Care Planning Council offer books written by the National Care Planning Council, a leader in providing materials on timely subjects relating to aging seniors.

Below are five of their popular books:

"How to Apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits for Senior Veterans and Their Survivors" (2022)

"How to Deal with 21 Critical Issues Facing Aging Seniors"

"The 4 Steps of Long Term Care Planning"

"Protect Assets from Nursing Home Costs: Medicaid Secrets" (2022)

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